KI Environmental Services Inc. (KI) is an experienced environmental consulting company, specializing in urban fish habitat restoration, environmental planning, and sediment and erosion control.

With years of experience with environmental agencies, land development processes, and environmental regulations, KI has services to meet your needs at every stage of your project. KI has the expertise to provide upfront, science-based analysis, so you can make the most informed decisions about your development. A well-developed relationship with Fisheries & Oceans, municipal governments and other relevant agencies, assists us in effective planning, design and negotiation. Extensive field experience means we aren't afraid to get a little dirty. KI offers onsite environmental monitoring, restoration and remediation, new habitat design and construction, as well as sediment and erosion control, stormwater management and water treatment services.

KI Environmental Services Inc. specializes in creative, environmentally beneficial solutions to your development problems.

Our Environmental Goals are to:
  • Maximize usable land area by enhancing local environmental values and creating sustainable, low impact developments.
  • Create win-win solutions for land owners, environmental agencies and the natural environment
  • Design and use innovative techniques and products to reduce costs, construction time and detriment to the environment.
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