KI Environmental Services is a family run, Canadian-based environmental company that began in 2006. Since that day, KI has been closely involved with the development of municipal stormwater discharge quality standard bylaws and their implementation across the Lower Mainland.

Teaming up with Worldwide Water and Clearwater Compliance in 2008, KI has brought new, effective and safe water treatment technology to the Canadian market. Pioneering the use of non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, chitosan-based flocculants to treat construction site runoff in the early 2000's, the inclusion of the new Revolu+ION water-clarifying units brings stormwater treatment to a higher standard.

Wayne Yoshizawa has over 30 years experience in the environmental field and is the head of our Research Department. He is a certified utility arborist as well as a biologist. Wayne was the key individual working with Fisheries & Oceans Canada to have non-toxic, biodegradable chitosan flocculant permitted for use in Canada, providing a safe alternative to potentially harmful alum-based and polyacrylamide flocculants. This year Wayne has been nominated to the board of the International Erosion Control Association.

Wayne is an avid competitive fly fisherman.

Alicia Yoshizawa has been working in the environmental field since 2001 and now is the Operations Coordinator for KI Environmental Services. She is a certified Fisheries Technician, experienced in the field and in writing assessments, application and reports. Alicia is currently preparing to complete her Masters Degree in Environment and Management.

Mike Yoshizawa is the Sales/Field Manager. He comes with years of experience in the construction and industrial fields and oversees the sediment and erosion control, and advanced water treatment services offered by KI. Mike is an active martial artist.

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