KI Environmental's latest innovation is the Revolu+ION control unit; a state-of-the-art, modular, mobile water treatment command centre. The Revolu+ION unit is designed to monitor and treat sediment-laden stormwater, groundwater and industrial wastewater. The unit automatically tests incoming water for a variety of customizable variables from turbidity to heavy metals and treats water with a non-toxic, biodegradable flocculant called ChitovanTM. If the water doesn't meet the set standards, it automatically stops discharging. The water is re-circulated, treated and filtered again.
Equipped with a weather station, float system, remote data transfer and a text-messaging alarm system, the Revolu+ION provides the most safeguards in the industry.

Designed after years of field experience, the Revolu+ION is capable of reducing over 1000 NTU water to below 10NTU at 500gpm.

Several units are part of the SeaTac Airport Runway Expansion stormwater control plan, responsible for monitoring and treating thousands of litres of stormwater a day.

To print of a spec sheet for the Revolu+ION control unit - please click here.

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